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    Another interesting art work will soon come to light at a well known auction sale in London, after half century in private collections.

  • Something very special and exquisite: a series of four panels with wooden frame, titled “La paix”, “La science”, “L’industrie” and “La vérité”, sizes: 180×59,4 cms, oil/mixed media, signed and dated 1956. Belgian original owner.

  • History to be completed…


Carlos Nadal Ferreres was born in Paris on 24 April 1917. His parents, of Spanish nationality, lived on Rue des Ecoles near Boulevard Saint Michel in the Quartier Latin, a neighbourhood home to intellectuals, students and artists, located steps from the Seine and Notre Dame Cathedral. The street owes its name to the presence of numerous local schools and universities such as La Sorbonne, the Collège de France and the Lycée Saint Louis.

His father Santiago, a soldier in the French army during WWI and owner of a decorative paint workshop, fell ill from the gases used during the war and the entire family returned to Barcelona in the 1920s.

Carlos soon began working as an apprentice with his father, which he combined with art classes at the school on Calle Caspe, helping him to acquire a solid theoretical and practical foundation early in life.

After his father’s death, he had to double his efforts to help support the family along with his mother and two sisters. + Read more