Puente de Toledo, 1960
Exh. Sala Pares (Barcelona), 1980.
Cort. S. Ansorena (Madrid)

Every now and then, interesting art works come to light after decades of being hidden away in a private collection.

This is the case of Puente de Toledo (Toledo Bridge) —a magnificent oil painting on panel by Carlos Nadal. It is reproduced in black and white on page 140 of a book published by Barthélémy in 1980. Now, at long last, we can see it in colour and appreciate Carlos Nadal’s inimitable Fauvist style, which is a formidable mix of strength, subtlety, boldness and quality.

On seeing it, some will wonder what painter could transform the austere, ochre city of Toledo with such spontaneity and exquisiteness.

A good selection of Nadal paintings are to be sold in London during the Impressionist and Modern Art week in June, at Bonhams, Christies, and Sotherby’s.