Times are tough. Teresa, his sister, is gravely ill. Their economic situation is precarious. In 1943 he writes in his journal:

Friday, 8 January:

“I’m financially bankrupt.”

Saturday, 9 January:

“I had an interview with Mr. Hoyos. He, like all dealers, wants me to paint but not to eat.”

Sunday, 10 January:

“My spirits are very low. I haven’t the heart to work. I don’t think a watercolour exhibition will succeed.”

Saturday, 16 January:

“How ungrateful is humanity! Yesterday the Aguilo exhibition closed with only two sales, and today JM V opened and as a much worse artist has already sold four.”

Friday, 22 January:

“I painted and am very pleased with it. This is of Lolita. The war seems like it might end. I can’t wait to go to Paris!”

Carlos Nadal, 1943